New updates from development!

Hello all!

Its been a while from last blog post and happy new year for everyone, we're wishing the best for you. In this time some features and changes happened in project let me list them.


1 - Ellie Playground

A quick drop by place for trying out ellie! And It proves mobility of ellie. In future you will be able to save and share your projects in playground.

2 - EllieFMT

A formatter for ellie. It will format your code and make it look better. It will be integrated into playground and editor in future.

3 - Functions

Functions are now stable and ready to use. Next step is classes which is in progress.

Thats all for now. See you in next blog post, please join us on discord for more information.

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Created by @ahmtcn123

Created at 01.01.2023-12